Hero4Hire takes a collaborative approach to every production.  We want every project to feel custom fit just for you. We’re constantly experimenting with new techniques and technologies in our studio so that we can offer a diverse range of styles and looks to make the perfect match for your project.

We’re an award-winning, Emmy Nominated, full-service production company specializing in animation, mixed media, motion graphics, design and visual effects.  We love this stuff and think about it literally all the time!  But we know that not everyone is as steeped in production as we are, so we’ll work with you to make you comfortable as you learn about the best techniques for your project. Hero4Hire will craft a product that exceeds expectations!  

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to every production, whether it’s a TV commercial, network promo, web video, show packaging, explainer video or any other video or animation product that our clients can imagine.

We are located outside of Boston and work with advertising agencies, television networks and individual clients throughout the country.